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The most consumed food in the world is bread, which has existed at every family table for thousands of years. Here in Utah, bread-making began with the Ute Tribe and Latter Day Saints; these groups farmed the first crops vital to the survival of their families and the local population. It is with these origins in mind that we have created Farmstead.

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At Farmstead Bakery, we promise to deliver exceptional European-style baked goods, freshly crafted with passion and precision. Our commitment to quality, the warmth of our hospitality, and the rich heritage of our recipes set us apart. Savor the tradition and experience the difference.

“Hands down the best pastries in Utah! A hidden gem that surprises me every time we go, and I try something new every time. A must try!”
“The exceptional service at Farmstead Bakery makes every visit delightful. From the warm greetings to the meticulous attention to customer needs, they ensure a welcoming and satisfying experience for all.”
“If you haven’t tried Farmstead, you have been missing out. It’s a mandatory stop every time in St. George for me, and my family.”
“What can I say, I go three times a week. The selections, the staff, and the quality are unmatched. You have to get Farmstead if you’re a local. Community driven without a doubt.”